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ShareA live Broadcast on “Meherjan is coming soon !

Patriotism and Hypocrisy


ShareBy William Gomes I am not a patriot. It was my answer to a prominent political personality of his questions. He asked me the Indian soldiers are killing innocent people in Indo Bangla Border, Bangladesh is failing to deal with the Indian soldiers. He said the time will come when the every citizen  of the [...]

Secret love should become sacred


ShareBy William Gomes Adultery has been, is and will continue to be a part of human existence, the same as marriage is a part of human existence. Adultery produces intense emotions and creates conflict among the people involved, and between sexual desire and a sense of loyalty. Adultery has faced extensive challenges due to opposition [...]

Sin sounds strange and strong

Original Sin

ShareBy William Gomes “Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall,” wrote William Shakespeare, expressing the concept of sin in his own way, painting with his pen a vivid picture of “sin” and “sinners.” The mysterious concept of sin starts in religion as a way of introducing the supremacy of a perfect God, while [...]

Common God, but not a common religion


ShareBy William Gomes There is major fact that every atheist is itching to believe and every believer is itching to doubt, and that is the existence of God. Around the world, religious people and those seeking peace are trying to come up with an abstract concept that there is one God who made all of [...]

Minority groups on the Indian subcontinent


ShareBy William Gomes For centuries, ethnic and religious minorities have been living lives of suffering on the South Asian subcontinent, in the countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan. Minorities are not created by God, but are created by political systems. Before going any further, let us look at the reason why [...]

A world without border


Share By William Gomes banglanews24.com I dream a world without fear, hatred, tears, soldiers and borders. I dream a world full people, full with love seeking for justice and peace. In future I don’t want to see any military debacle as the Pakistan army and their local agents’ raped 200,000 women and killed over 3 [...]


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