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Patriotism and Hypocrisy

By William Gomes

I am not a patriot. It was my answer to a prominent political personality of his questions. He asked me the Indian soldiers are killing innocent people in Indo Bangla Border, Bangladesh is failing to deal with the Indian soldiers.

He said the time will come when the every citizen  of the country will be a soldier along with Bangladeshi soldiers will cross the border and fire on the Indian’s and will take revenge of murder of each and  every single  murder Innocent Bangladeshi people by Border Security Force (BSF) and we will place the Bangladeshi flag in their land.

I opposed him and answered him what you are dreaming to do is fully unjust and that will be crime against the human life on the land named India. He said you seem an anti Bangladesh people. He asked me do you love Bangladesh. I answered him, I don’t love Bangladesh. He sought at me you are not a patriot! I confirmed him “I am not a patriot”.

This conversation with this high profile politician inspired me to write more on what I do think about the patriotism, nationalism and many more related facts. For me Patriotism is a source of class notion and an absolute source from which war flourishes. Nationalism is a source of Corporate hearted and it’s a power factor to divide and rule in the hand of ruling class.

We talk about freedom of movement and think of freedom but with the idea of nation, nationalism we bind us border we divide us from others. We learn how to love our nation and to hate others. I asked the politician do you love your nation Bangladesh. He said yes I do!  I asked him do you hate India, he said yes!

He was proud to say that he loves his nation Bangladesh and hates other nation India. I love the people of the geographical place named Bangladesh and I also love the people of geographical location named India and rest of the people of the world. I asked him why you love your nation. He answered me I born and brought up here; it’s like a mother to me.

George Bernard Shaw was right that “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it”. The politician was got the conviction about his nation because it is his own and that let him to fell his nation is superior to the others. This conviction is the result of nationalism and its patriotism.

Many of my critics named me that I am an agent of foreign intelligence. For me I dream no border, no nation, only people. Then the whole world will be native no one will be foreign all will be united while presently the United Nations is failing to unite us but fully successful to divide and rule us.

Ronald Reagan rightly said, “A nation without borders is not a nation.” Yes!  When there will be no borders that will not be a nation, there will be no nationalism, there will no patriot and patriotism. There will be no ruler who rules us. There the real revolution being against the ruling class and there the people will unite where the people will be truly the source of all power.

The experts are urging on Israel Palestine issues, they are fighting on two states or one state policy. Here is the problem that can not be solving with the way they are dealing. The experts are thinking of division, some of them are thinking of whether to divide on two or divide on one. But none of them are thinking on uniting them and uniting with them.

The same divide and rule policy going on in different parts of the world. Now it’s a question to you reader whether you will divide yourself from others or unite yourself. Aesop is right “United we stand; divided we fall”. Its time to stand, stand against division. And friends the people who are getting killed in different borders it’s an out come of nationalism. Before judging the murderer please judges the force behind them who empowers them to do so.  Bring the ruler under the law of people not of the nation. The law of people will be universal, it will effective in all parts of the universe.

A new law, new era and new world will begin when we will stand against the force of these patriots. The wall of division will fall down!

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